Medical Consultations:

Short Consultation (15min):                     $75

Long Consultation (30min):                     $115

Surgical Procedures:

Medical Consultation (30min):  $115

Equipment Fee:  $50 per procedure

Individual Medicare-Compensable billing fee per surgical procedure billed directly to Medicare

Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Consultation:  $125 without treatment (Complementary, with treatment)

2-Week Follow Up Consultation Complementary with Treatment


Anti-Wrinkle Injections:  $15/unit

Frown Lines ~ 20-30u

Crows Feet ~6-12u/side

Forehead Lines ~ 8-20u

Masseters ~20-100u

Hyperhydrosis ~100u


Dermal Fillers:  From $650/ml*

Temples ~1-2ml

Cheeks ~1-2ml

Tear Troughs ~1-2ml

Lips ~1-2ml

Chin ~1-2ml

Marrionette Lines

Jowls 1ml

*Pricing varies due to choice of filler


Permanent Double Chin Injections:  $625/Vial**

**Average of 2 Vials per treatment; Total of 2x treatments over 6 weeks