Luscious Lips!

5 Simple Tips to get luscious lips!

Who doesn’t want a pair of luscious, plump, juicy, expressive lips? Here are a few simple daily tips to achieve beautiful lips!

  • Exfoliate Daily

Get a good baby toothbrush, or brush with very soft bristles and exfoliate your lips gently. Removing debris from dead skin cells allows cellular growth from beneath, giving your lips a more invigorated appearance.

If you do not like the idea of a toothbrush, exfoliating with a napkin or a soft cloth is also effective.

  • Moisturise

Choose a good lip balm to moisturise your lips. It is a good idea to make sure it has an SPF base. Avoiding petroleum bases is also a good idea as they have a paradoxical drying effect. A popular choice is natural paw paw ointment.

  • Oils for your lips

You can use coconut oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, coco butter before sleep and keep it on overnight. This will rejuvinate your lips allowing you to occasionally skip lip balm.

  • Get rid of pigmentation

A few drops of lemon juice with a few drops of honey applied to the lips and left on like a pack for a few minutes will remove superficial pigmentation on the lips gently.

  • Makeup

Always choose your make up products wisely, using a good foundation, lip liner and hydrating lipstick.

And if all else fails, come in to see one of our doctors today to see what dermal fillers can do for you!

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